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Welcome to Lovable Bulldogs!  We have one home raised female English Bulldog, Millie.  This wrinkled girl loves to lay around the house and receive all of our love. Our English Bulldog is part of our family.  We have three sons and they love Millie and her puppies whole heartedly. Millie is cared for to the best of our ability.  Some may say she is  spoiled, your puppy will receive that same treatment.
​We are willing to ship in the US (shipping is additional).   All of our pups are AKC registered, they will have a health certification from a veterinarian, first set of shots,  and dewormed. Your puppy will come with a 6 month health guarantee.  The health guarantee is long.  Please make sure you read it.

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Perhaps some people are quite hesitant to have English Bulldog because as you can see, this breed looks somewhat intimidating. But contrary to that assumption, the English Bulldog is far from being intimidating, but one of the gentlest among dog breeds. Families or people who are interested in having this breed as a pet should know first the information and facts about the English bulldog.

The English Bulldog has a small stature yet wide and compact body. Typically, the mature male weighs about 50 pounds while mature females are about 40 pounds. This breed has thick, massive short-faced heads with cheeks that extend to the sides of the eyes. The skin in the skull and forehead falls in dense folds and the muzzle is short and pug. The nose should be broad and black with large nostrils. If the pet is to appear in show rings, take note that pale or liver-colored nose is a disqualifier so is the lack of under bite. It is important that their eyes are very round, far apart and very dark however, a black-coated bulldogs are not preferred by many judges. The recognized colors, in order of desirability, are red brindle, all other brindles, solid white, solid red, fawn and piebald. The tail, which is either straight or screwed, is short, carried low and has thick root but otherwise fine tip.

The breed is very affectionate and one of the gentlest among dog breeds. Being considered people's dog always seeking out for human affection, this breed is very dependable and can be trusted with children. A bulldog can be a great protector and good followers as long as he knows his place in the pack. A bulldog who is allowed to assume the role as leader of the pack may display behavior problem such as aggression.

Known to snore very loudly, breathing issue is prevalent in this breed due to the shape and shortness of their muzzle. They do best in temperate climates and are susceptible to heat stroke when in warm weather or hot locations. Other health issues include cherry eye, allergies and skin infections and hip and knee problems among older bulldogs. Puppies of this breed are usually delivered by caesarian section given the fact that they have broad heads that can get stuck in the birth canal during natural birth.

Grooming includes combing and brushing using a firm bristle brush. They should be bathed only when necessary but it is important that the face, especially the inside of the folds, is cleaned daily to prevent infections caused by moisture accumulations.

This breed is an indoor dog yet, just like any other companion animal, they require daily walks to fulfill their natural instinct to walk. Lack of exercise can also lead to obesity which in turn may cause health problems relating to the heart and lungs.

Thank you for reading about your puppy.​​​​
Information About English Bulldogs